July 12, 2024

Radboud University Faculty of Science celebrates its 65th anniversary

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Faculty of Science, the Donders Institute and the Faculty of Science opened their doors to the public on Saturday, 1 October. A festive program featured talks, demonstrations at various user stations, experiences, and trials for people of all ages.

Deepak Pradeep (ESR4) and Waqas Pervez (ESR7) from HFML-FELIX labs, along with me, Bárbara Zamora Yusti (ESR6 guest researcher at FELIX lab), presented our collaborative scientific poster “Catalysts for carbon dioxide hydrogenation and reduction” that was designed with the general audience in mind as well as our experimental and theoretical research. Waqas and Deepak presented their setups, and I introduced the topic of theoretical modeling. As a whole, people showed a strong interest in our research and appreciated Catchy’s approach to reducing the global carbon footprint.   

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