July 12, 2024

WP4-Free Cluster Reactivity

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PD Dr. Sandra M. Lang (UU)


3, 4, 5, 7


To use free-cluster approaches to study elementary reaction processes on model systems

Task 4.1. Free cluster catalysis tests
  • Production of free metal-oxide clusters (Cu,Zn, Au, Pd) with exactly controlled elementary composition and charge state
  • Investigation of their reactive properties (UU)
Task 4.2. Free clusters and reaction intermediates structural characterisation
  • Structural characterization of free metal oxide clusters by using IR spectroscopy
  • Production of free bimetallic CuZn and NiGa clusters and investigation of their adsorption properties by using IR spectroscopy
  • Investigation of the catalytic activity of these clusters in an ion trap (UU)
Task 4.3. Free clusters active sites
  • Identification of important reaction intermediates and active centers of free Cu- and Ni-based clusters by ion trap mass spectrometry and DFT calculations
Deliverables & Milestone(s)
  • D4.1. 1st report on mass spectra of metal-oxide clusters with different metal/oxygen ratios (UU) M12
  • D4.2. 1st report on reactivity of metal-oxide clusters as function of content (UU-RU) M24
  • D4.3. 1st report on the successful preparation bi-metal-oxide clusters with different M/O ratio (UU) M30
  • D4.4. 1st report on IR spectra of CO2 adsorption structure on free clusters (RU) M36
  • m4.1. 1st peer-reviewed paper on the reactivity of free clusters (UU) M25