April 17, 2024

The Catchy Route

New interactive approach combining:
  • the production of mono- and bi-metallic gas-phase clusters (few atoms to 5 nm) of controlled homogeneity,
  • the extensive characterization of their morphology, atomic structure and surface (ex and in situ) after deposition,
  • the cluster investigations directly in the gas-phase before deposition and theoretical modeling and screening,
  • the catalytic laboratory tests followed by the prototyping of the most promising thermo- and electro-catalyst for CO2 conversion into valuable fuels and chemicals.
Work Packages

To achieve its main objective, CATCHY is divided in 8 Work Packages (WPs), including 5 science and technology (S&T) WPs, with clear objectives, milestones, deliverables

Content summary and interconnection of the S&T work packages, including the lead Beneficiary, and the involved ESRs.