April 17, 2024

WP2-Characterization of Deposited Clusters

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Dr. Olga V. Safonova (PSI)


1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


To physically characterize the clusters arrays as prepared and under realistic thermo- and electrocatalytic
reaction conditions.

Task 2.1. Ex-situ characterization
  • Structure and morphology of the deposited clusters studied by AFM, STM, AES, and RBS (KUL)
  • Electronic properties of selected cluster systems investigated by XPS (KUL)
  • Detailed study of the atomic structure and morphology of the clusters and the influence of the substrate with aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and/or STM (UA-KUL-DTU)
Task 2.2. In-situ characterization
  • Operando IR-VIS SFG spectroscopy and PM-IRRAS and DRIFTS (RU-PSI-KUL)
  • In situ XAFS using in-house cells at SuperXAS beamline of Swiss Light Source (SLS at PSI) and ESRF (KUL)
  • In-situ TEM under reactive environments (UA)
Sub-task 2.2.1. TCs investigation
Sub-task 2.2.1. ECs investigation

Deliverables & Milestone(s)
  • D2.1. 1st report on in situ characterization of a clusters-based TC in cell and microreactors (PSI-KUL-DTU) M24
  • D2.2.1st report on in situ characterization of a clusters-based EC in electrochemical cell (PSI-KUL) M24
  • D2.3.1st report on in situ TEM characterization of a clusters-based catalyst (UA) M24
  • m2.1. 1st peer-reviewed publications on in situ characterization of bimetallic clusters under CO2 hydrogenation (TCs) and CO2 electro-reduction (ECs) (PSI-UA-KUL) M25