June 14, 2024


NoTitleWPLeadDueSubmittedMeans of Verification
MS1 Pre-recruitment8KUL01/21Pre-Recruitment: 14 ESR positions advertised, 42 ESR candidates preselected for Skype interviews
MS2 Recruitment Completed8KUL11/21Recruitment of 14 ESRs
MS3 PCDPs6RU08/21Personal career development plan of each ESR approved by the supervisory board
Doctoral Guidance
6RU08/21Doctoral guidance committee of each ESR established and approved by the supervisory board
MS5 Midterm meeting8KUL12/21Mid-term meeting between REA and all Beneficiaries (Scientists-in-charge and ESRs) and Partner Organisations
MS6 Upscaled cluster
1TCL05/22Upscaled cluster deposition on powders and electrodes for thermo catalysts and electrocatalysts.
in situ characterization2PSI12/221st peer-reviewed publications on in situ characterization of bimetallic clusters under CO2 hydrogenation (thermocatalysts) and CO2 electro-reduction (electrocatalysts)
3FETI12/22 1st peer-reviewed papers on theoretical characterization of free and supported cluster reactivity
MS9 Free cluster reactivity4UU12/22 1st peer-reviewed paper on the reactivity of free clusters
MS10 CO2 conversion5DTU12/22 1st peer reviewed publications on CO2 conversion on cluster-based thermocatalysts (microreactors) and electrocatalysts (electrochemical cells)
MS11 Prototype5VITO03/24Prototype of a bimetallic cluster-based electrocatalysts tailored gas
MS12 Training completed6RU05/24All network wide training events completed (NWT 1 to 7)