July 12, 2024

Operando Characterisation with X-ray and Electron Beams

S&T training (3 days) [PSI]

School with lectures by leading scientists (in- and outside network) developing X-ray spectroscopy, in situ/operando IR spectroscopy, and electron microscopy-based methods for characterization of (electro-)catalysts under working conditions.

Skills training

  • Dissemination and outreach skills (presentation techniques, scientific writing and science communication in the age of social media) providing tools to efficiently engage with the general public.
  • An important output of this training are personal project pitches for each CATCHY ESR, describing her/his thesis project for a general public.

Site visit (0.5 days)

Visit of the Swiss Light Source synchrotron, Villigen

Workshop (1 day)

Techniques for cluster generation and cluster deposition, including scale-up possibilities and use of cluster deposition in applications.