June 7, 2023

CATCHY Young Researchers’ Conference

3 day student-centred meeting modelled on the highly successful GRC Research Seminars, organized by all ESRs @ RU (2023 – exact timing will be defined later)

S&T training [all ESRs]

Scientific presentations related to the different CATCHY WPs; by the ESRs and colleagues working on related topics. On invitation of the ESRs, high-profile experienced researchers will provide tutorial lectures.

Skills training [all ESRs]

This meeting will be organized by the ESRs themselves, providing a unique opportunity to lead the decision-making processes involved in hosting a scientific conference, as well as the day-to-day operational aspects.

Site visit (0.5 days)

Visit of the FELIX Laboratory and the High Field Magnet Laboratory, Nijmegen.

Workshop (1 day)

Workshop on free-electron laser science and structural characterization via infrared spectroscopy, including time-resolved IR spectroscopy